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Q: What is the difference between "Hotel Management" and "Long-term Lease"?

Re: Providing Hotel Management, Ermia Hotels & Resorts undertakes the management of your property - hotel, villa or complex. When management is undertaken, the owner participates during the administration and the management of his unit, while his opinion is always taken into consideration. Ermia Hotels & Resorts is developing a management plan (Business Plan), which is always agreed by the owner. When Long-term Lease is undertaken, Ermia Hotels & Resorts completely takes over the operation of the properties, releasing the owner from the responsibility of the operations. The property joins Ermia Hotels & Resorts, and it is benefited from the quality upgrade of its products and services. In the meantime, the unit is becoming part of a wide network, acquiring visibility, reputation and expertise; features that remain at the property even after the termination of the partnership.

Q: What is the process for Hotel Management?

Re: The procedure we follow for all our provided services is the same. We always start with a discussion with the owner regarding the needs, the vision and the expectations set for his property. We make a unit analysis in terms of its operations, where we study both the financial data and the owner's Business Plan. After that, we make our proposal. Depending on the unit's needs and the owner's expectations, our Business Plan is created. This plan analyzes in detail the operating model, the costs and the revenues.

Q: Are there any guarantees provided by your company towards the proper function and maintenance of the units?

Re: Ermia Hotels & Resorts provides an average of 3% -5% of its annual turnover for both the maintenance and the development of the unit.